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For many years, traditional Western medicine and complementary health care and sustainability have co-existed in separate and sometimes opposing worlds. Members of each field have disputed and even denied the validity of the other, and dialogue between the two has been minimal. Medical professionals often are uninformed of what complementary health care has to offer. Compounding the problem, complementary practitioners may at times devalue the methods of conventional medicine.

Because of this disconnect, a growing number of people are now separately consulting both medical and complementary health professionals in an attempt to bridge this gap and attain more holistic treatment.

Within our society, there is now a clear call for a broader, more inclusive approach to health, nutrition, and the environment. Growing numbers of conventional medical professionals have become curious about and gradually open to the “other” world of health care. And of these, many are discovering that complementary health care can play a truly supportive role in peoples’ healing process, and environment.

This desire for change challenges the medical profession to take a fresh look both at its way of training its professionals and its approach to treating people.

In some instances a more holistic approach is already emerging, in which greater attention is focused upon the person as a whole, in relation to their environment, their nutrition, and nature.  

To build upon this momentum, we aspire to create a space at a beautiful location in the heart of Holland where these seemingly separate worlds can come together in an environment of great cultural and historical significance. In such a center of integral apporoach, both conventional and complementary health and useful live professionals can meet, exchange ideas, share their knowledge and experience with each other, and learn to work together. Elements that are (or will be) defining for health care in the 21st century.

Providing information and education will be an essential part of this center’s synergy and mission.  This will include creating a platform for children, to enable them to come and speak for themselves, inviting them to share their vision and message with us.

Motivated by the urgent need for progress and innovation in Dutch health care, and honoring the principles of durability and sustainability, we will seek to raise the standard of Dutch health care - and the public’s health - to a new level. This, in turn, will set a positive example to others, and be beneficial to all. 

© The boardmembers "....... Project", May 2008.